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One of my best friends, even though he probably doesn't know that, hahaha. But he is.
Don't ever make him mad, anything you say to him will result in something way worse that will make you wanna go hide somewhere. He can get really mean, haha, thats not a joke.
But, Ryan is a really nice guy, he is there for me a lot and helps me a lot when im having stupid problems about boys and what not, its pretty cool. Hes fun to be with too, I usually have a lot of fun when we hang out even though we have only hung out a few times, lol.
Ryan gives good advice, seriously he does.
RyanRaype is really cute and girls are constantly on his nuts, xD
I never hit on Ryan though, because im cool and he should already know that hes cute. 8D
I dont know what else to say,
I mean obviously hes cool and amazing if someone took the time to define him on urbandictionary, hahahaha.
RyanRaype is a cool person.
by fdakdfasd;fk January 02, 2008
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