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The most amazing YouTuber in the history of YouTube.
"I laughed so hard while watching a Ryan Higa video"
"You gotta check out Ryan Higa, he's the best"
"I'm a totally lamp of Ryan Higa"
by LuckyStarz June 24, 2016
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The best youtuber on Earth
He used to be the most subscribed one until RayWilliamJohnson beat him. That was a sad day. A day all hope in humanity was lost.

Ryan Higa is also very hot.
Ryan Higa is awesome.
by rumpelstiltskin123 December 15, 2011
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Ryan Higa is one of the most original youtubers with almost 20 million subscribers. He's quite handsome and have a halarious personality. He's internet famous, with the help of a video , "how to be ninja," made by the one and only Ryan Higa and his friend Sean (who is still one of his bestfriends today). #funny #asian #original #best
Ryan Higa is one of the most subscribed people on YouTube.
by Annacooki January 01, 2017
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A person with heart of gold makes everyone laugh. Takes hearts of a billion women. The master of puns. A person who defines perfection.

Habitat: Las Vegas, Nevada

Pray: hot pockets
Colour most attracted to: green
A ryan higa ate the last hot pocket in the fridge
by Karimshabibi April 17, 2017
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