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An amazing hot dog place in Clifton, New Jersey. Its been open since 1928 and they've used the same awesome relish since then. Their hot dogs are callled "Rippers" because when they deep fry the hot dogs, the skin rips open. Basically the best hot dog place in New Jersey. The place is divided into 3 sections: the take-out counter, the bar, and the dining area. At the take-out counter, you have to lean up against a tall table to eat your food. The word "traveling" means "to go" at Rutt's Hut. There are 2 sizes of drink: small and large. The small is good enough for a child and the large looks like a small at any other restaurant. It has been on multiple Food Network shows. The record for most Rippers eaten in one standing is 19.
"I'll have 5 Rippers with a large diet Pepsi travelin' over at Rutt's Hut."
by Gamer2342 January 08, 2010

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