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Rutlidge (Rut-Lij)

Rutlidge is a replacement word for anything disgusting or out of the normal state. It can be a noun, adjective, or even sometimes a verb.

Calling something or someone a Rutlidge usually means that it or they are appalling, disturbing, disgusting, gross, or nasty.

The term Rutlidge began it's use in the American Revolutionary War, it was used to insult the british soldiers who would forcefully occupy peoples houses in the colonies. It was based off a fat ugly brit commander by the name of Rugal Rutlidge. Rugal Rutlidge was a large disgusting man who was missing teeth, had warts and small growths covering his body and was practically unappealing in every way possible. It was soon yelled at soldiers as an act of rebellion, being caught insulting a British soldier by calling them a Rutlidge meant death.
"Eww, I can see his Rutlidge!"
Eww, I can see his penis!

"I heard that guy has a nasty Rutlidge on his dick."
I heard that guy has a nasty wart on his dick.

"That girl has a total Rutlidge."
That girl has a total stank vagina.

"Don't be so Rutlidge."
Don't be so disgusting."

"Licking mustard off a pussy is so Rutlidge!"
Licking mustard off a pussy is so gross!
by July 07, 2011
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