The dirtiest, most self-degrading sex act you can perform alone.
Oh, he was in the bedroom giving himself a Rusty Venture.
by Doc Hammer's Illigitimate Kid November 21, 2010
When a man jerks off so many times, his penis becomes irratated and red
I didn't have anything to do this weekend and ended up getting a rusty venture
by MasterShake1989 November 21, 2010
A sexual act involving penetrating the anus with some object (such as a penis, a fist, or a turkey baster). When pulling the object out of the anus, fecal matter comes out, and one of the participants eats the fecal matter and any bodily fluids that accompany it.

Or alternatively, masturbating so often that the penis turns bright pink or red.
He asked the prostitute for a Rusty Venture and she slapped him.
by TeaseAllMen November 21, 2010
Its when you jack off so hard and fast that your dick turns red and is sore.
Dude, I need to find a chick. Last night I gave myself a Rusty Venture.
by Alec Wallace November 21, 2010
In the episode of The Venture Bros. when Dr. Venture throws a prom party for Hank and Dean, it was said that the rusty venture was a sex move. The actual action has not been determined yet.
I just got the best rusty venture at that party last night!
by Mastah Tea November 21, 2010
A Rusty Venture is when you beat off so much that your dick turns red.
Scott has a Rusty Venture.
by Milkshakes00 November 21, 2010
When you put up your entire fist in your male lover's ass to give him a prostate massage while putting his dick in your mouth at the same time
I gave Juan a rusty venture last night, his orgasm was out of this world as it exploded in my mouth
by Swedish Jesus November 25, 2010

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