the act of ass to mouth while on on bus
We were on the bus to Oklahoma City when she asked if she could give me a Rusty Venture
by The Original ShagNasty November 23, 2010
Verb. The most misunderstood and vile sex act in existence.

Descriptions vary from a complex excrement-enhanced onanistic act to a diving gear enhanced act of mutual ejaculate transfer.

Use of the term is generally only worth using speculatively, as the offer of a Rusty Venture generally leads to a night with mrs palm and her five lovely daughters
1) A Rusty Venture? It's when you **** the ***** with a *** in your ***** and push the sharp bit in your ****.

2) You're totally wrong, a Rusty Venture is when you push your elbow up her ******* and your **** down her throat. You then make a move like you're pumping up your bicycle and then you pull both out and **** in her ***.

by Blind Philip November 23, 2010
When you jack off so much that your dick turns red and is painful to touch.
I had some "me" time today. A nice hot shower, spinning at the gym, a warm-rock massage, and then I gave myself a Rusty Venture.
by Go team venture November 23, 2010
masturbating so much, your penis turns red, sore and painful.
what's a rusty venture??
by drexell015 November 23, 2010
When you take a girl out for a huge dinner, but you don’t let her go to the can. Then you have anal sex with her and she $#!*$ all over your @!*#. So right when you’re about to get off, you take it out and you blow @#$% $!@* on her back. You finish by eating all that junk off her back without using your hands.
Man, giving that girl a Rusty Venture after having chili dogs was a very bad idea.
by JonasVee November 23, 2010
When you rub your finger around a guy's asshole while you jack him off into his own ass.
Why don't I take you up to my Budoir and give you a little Rusty Venture?
by Colonel Gentleman November 23, 2010
When you jerk off someone with one hand and spin them around while running a finger along their asshole.
He gave me a Rusty Venture last night
by Al the Monk November 22, 2010
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