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The act of 'ewaning' or a 'ewan' entering from behind, thus making his 'shaft' 'rusty' or 'browned' (covered in excrement) in the process. Girls totally digg-it! However over Shafting may lead to Red Shafting! Beware!
Girl 1 - "Ewan came round last night and totally rust shafted me!"

Girl 2 - "Wow you're so lucky, did you spurt all over his ceiling?"

Girl 1 - "Course I did!"

*enter Ewan*

Ewan - "Bitches bend over and open the hatches! Im gunna rusty shaft you 'till you cough up my cock!"

Both Girls - "YAY! Thanks Ewan!"

*Rusty shafting comences*
by Paco-dude July 03, 2009
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