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Alias used by the government paranoid Dale Gribble, Hank Hill's friend on the animated series 'King of the Hill'. He also claims to own Shackleford's birth certificate.
"No, wait! Rusty Shackleford wants a pizza!" - Dale Gribble
by AngeFaitore November 13, 2004
the fake name dale gribble uses too order pizza with.
i killed rustyshackleford,correction rustyshackleford wants a pizza.
by rustyshakelford January 20, 2010
1. The alias used by Dale Gribble, a character from the tv show King of the Hill

2. The sexual act of ejaculating into someone's mouth and having them explain conspiracy theories while their mouth is full.
I learned the craziest thing about 9/11 from this girl while she was giving me a Rusty Shackleford!
by RandomFellow June 12, 2016
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