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Adj.: A person (usually female) who is, on all accounts, a hot mess in every way possible but somehow thinks they are the greatest thing since food on a stick. Usually not the brightest crayon in the box and frequently says or does things to remind people how big of a shitbag they are.
That license plate had *insert name here*'s name on it and was rusty as hell, just like she is.
by HoneyBadger83 January 18, 2012
13 23
An rediculously old bag who teaches English. Although kids may not know, he is able to get his point across, and in the end will probably outlive us.
Becka: Man I really want to switch out of this class
Mike: Why?
Becka: He's just such an old bag
Mike: True, but Rusty can teach better than anyone
by FCTSFunnyGuy January 07, 2010
23 34
v. To commit to something with no intention of following through with it.
Bryan was supposed to meet up for a drink, but he pulled a rusty.
by Xisko June 19, 2009
11 24
An icy mountain slope.
I ain't taking my board down that rusty slope. It's gonna chew up my base.
by JayRecks December 20, 2008
6 18
A Miller Lite.
"I was so wasted last night. I should not have had that last Rusty."
by Kyle "Captain Wasted" August 18, 2008
7 19
A "big-boned" person who likes to eat KFC all the time and have multiple chins. Also likes to suck the boaby and lollypops. Likes fish and prawns. Also is a big rpg fan and plays wow a lot and spends more time playing that than dressing up as his girlfriend.

Also a character in the "Ocean" film series.
Fred - "Oh look, theres Rusty, plodding along"

Jim - "Think we could push him up the stairs?"

Fred - "I dunno, he might flatten us"
by cc2k February 16, 2010
10 23
A handsome, friendly, playful and yet ferocious black and white dog.

A kelpy dog that has been cross bread an innumerable amount of times.

A wise old dog.
"Rusty come here boy... good boy! good boy Rusty!"
by johnnygun August 21, 2009
19 32