The state of a vagina from having anal sex and then switching to vaginal sex, thus "rusting" up the trout.
I was so horny this morning that I ate my wife's rusty trout leftovers from last night.
by Mark of Pembrokeshire February 09, 2009
Top Definition
It's when an extrodinaraly old man takes viagra and it gets bigger, but not hard and flops around like a trout, then he slaps a girl in the ass with it.
Phil's dad gave me a rusty trout last night
by Stopher Reinhold September 27, 2006
The art of going fishing then coming back home and sticking a trout up your ass then eatting it or sticking it up some one else's ass.
Nick gave his whole family a rusty trout for dinner after they got home from fishing and shrimping
by LordSinep October 03, 2006
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