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A phrase that expresses your orgasmic love for something.
May also be used in suggestive concept.
Becca: charmander is just RUSTY SPOONS
Emily: I know !

Becca: Rusty Spoons ?
Emily: Let's wait until my parents leave.

SaladFingers: I like Rusty Spoons
by beccasarahdeil January 13, 2010
Waking up spooning, stuck together by dried blood between each others nether regions.
The rusty spoon gets me every time.
by Meyerd3 September 21, 2015
The act of engaging in anal sex while the female involved is menstruating
Friend 1: The missus is PMSing like a sacrificial goat on heat!
Friend 2: That sucks! What are you going ro do about it?
Friend 1: I'll give her a RUSTY SPOON later, that always cheers her up.
*friends high five each other and get back to work*
by HoneyBadger89 May 04, 2015
While spooning, the one in the front shits on the one in the back (unknowingly). When they wake up, the poo becomes crusted, enabling rusty spoonage.
"Aww man you just rusty spooned me!!!"

"Damn bro im sorry, i had no idea!"
by Bagmankyle October 05, 2012
a word that symbolises someone who has not had any sexual intercourse for a long period of time, thus affected his skill in the bedroom, or having sexual intercourse.
jessica: make love to me.

dan: okay, but i doubt youll enjoy it as much as you used to, i havnt had sex in a long time, so im a bit of a rusty spoon now.

jessica: nevermind then.
by neox273 May 15, 2009
a man uses a spoon to remove excess cum from the women, lets it dry on the table, and then uses it to serve her breakfast the next morning
that bitch sucked at giving head so i gave her the rusty spoon with her wheaties
by assavengers January 03, 2009
somethin done sexual with a guy, in the shower by easy, fat, orange bitches. kinda like a rusty trumbone but so much nastier.. like for guys who have 10 inch dicks.
brits a fat bitch i bet shes givin him a rusty spoon in our dorm rite now. runnin train wit morgan and brian
by bfvfbk August 26, 2008
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