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When you have both feet and both arms in 4 different peoples arses with there limbs in other peoples arses as scorpions are arachnids and your head up someones anus with another persons head in your anus this is a rusty scorpion king much like in the film the mummy returns this is a combination of a rusty crab and a rusty centaur.

Not for the faint hearted.
Requires 15 people atleast.

For an all boy scorpion king it is known as a spikey bellied scorpion king as there are male genitials.
Joe:Aw man last night we were gagging for some rust, I suggested a rusty centaur.
Adam:I suggested a rusted crab.
Joe:So after watching the mummy returns we decided that all 15 of us could have some fun thats when Sally came up with the Rusty Scorpion king.
Charlotte:Yeah I wanted to be the main body I can't get enough of that fucking rust.
Evan:I had to sit out cos' there was already 15 people Sally,Adam,Joe,Chris,Rachel,Sam,Ben,Emma,Warren,Jordan,Gaz,Oliver,Hayley,Dave,Jack,Shauna.
Shauna:I had the worst case of liquid rust and lubed everyone up before hand.
by Walbs August 03, 2008
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