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While in the act of anal sex, the 'giver' withdraws his penis and the 'taker' snorts a rail of cocaine off of the 'rusty' penis.
That bitch was such a dirty slut she begged to do a rusty rail off of my cock.
by Lord Sainsbury of Turville November 20, 2009
the act of taking a huge poop (usually in a bar bathroom) and between pushes, snorting lines of coke...

usually done by strippers heading into work at a random bar on their way to their place of employment
Amber: Dude that chick just took a huge dump in the women's room and I know she was blowing lines.

Bitsy: Oh she fully had a Rusty Rail before heading into work, you know that classy joint searches the girls when they go in.
by creativemuffin September 25, 2009
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