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when your penis slips out having sex while shes on the rag and you grab it to put it back in you get a rusty palmer
My girl was raggin it last night and i ended up with a Rusty Palmer. It's all good though, i gave her a Wilson to get my hand clean.
by Chuck Diesel April 02, 2007
The sexual event in which a girl deficates in her hand and procedes to give her partner what is known as a common hand job.
I met this girl at the bar and took her home. On the way back we got a super bomb burrito from the gas station. After she ate the burrito at my house foreplay ensued. Due to the effect the burrito had on her digestive system she suddenly expierenced a sudden burst of uncontrolable diarrhea. She tried to catch it with her hand to avoid making a mess of the bed. Without skipping a beat she proceded to stroke my penis with a shit soaked hand. I then deemed this the Rusty Palmer
by DJ Hotdish January 14, 2012
An extremely dry handjob.
Brian- How was your date with Abigail last night?Did you get any action?
Arthur- Sort of..she jerked me off raw dog. She didn't even let me spit on it first. Worst Rusty Palmer ever.
by Schermacide X October 20, 2014
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