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1. Sometimes mistaken as the shortened name for a Rusty Carrot, the Rustcar is quite unique. It involves quick sex acts, sometimes lasting less than 10 seconds, often given in side streets around venues after Carrot In A Breeze dance parties. The components of a Rustcar are similar to a Rusty Carrot with analingus and testicular tapping yet the intent is worlds apart.

Not usually leading to ejaculation Rustcar is more a promise of what is to come after the $5 drinks at local clubs end. Giving a Rustcar is dedicating yourself to the recipient for that night and similarly, receiving is committing to the giver your attention for the time.

2. Rustcar also briefly became a cocktail similar to a Jager bomb but using Kahlua in lieu of Jager and Amarula in the shot glass. This was short lived when the corporate owners of the club in Auckland, New Zealand became aware of the association Rustcar has with analingus.

Still the Carrot In A Breeze dance craze continues, as does the Rustcars in side streets, only the drink was banished.
1. Wow man, I can hardly walk, see that blonde? Rustcar’d me, I am going to pull her cheeks apart tonight.

Baby I love you and you know that. Let’s prove our love down Darby Street with a Rustcar?

2. My shout, Rustcars all around? Let it be a sign of things to come…
by Marg Fulton November 06, 2013
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