Sex in the form of a male putting his penis between a womans breasts while the woman pushes her breasts together.
Named a "russian hotdog" due to the 'sausage on a roll' effect that is created.
by Atheist Princess May 24, 2007
Top Definition
A finishing move in sex, occurs when a man ejaculates inside a woman's vagina, she then proceeds to force the semen out onto his penis and then suck him off.
Guy 1 "...and then after she gave me a RUSSIAN HOT DOG!"
Guy 2 "Tight"
by Jamie-lynn Sullivan March 05, 2009
the act of inserting the cock AND the balls simultaneously into the mouth.

The complimentary use of condiments is suggested by many who have experienced the Russian Hotdog.
"That bitch gave me the Russian Hotdog."
by mFleezy February 01, 2009
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