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The New Aryan Empire and the future of Russia, as well as the Western world and Europe.

Russia will dominate the world, and may even take the rest of Europe with them. While the American Empire, still stuck on left-wing ideas; collapses. Obama is, quite simply, an incompetent retard.

According to Nietzsche's psychoanalysis, this cause, is eventually inevitable to happen. Most gullible Americans still choose to believe that Obama and left-wing politics will work. And ignore the reality that Jews control their governments. While the Russians kicked them out in the Bolshevik Revolution.

All other countries in Europe (i.e. Poland, Germany, France, UK, Spain etc.) will inevitably be forced into the Russian Empire, in order to save themselves.

The Russian Empire will be the largest and most successful empire since the Roman Empire.
North America (USA, Canada and Mexico) will enter a dark ages, and will be filled full of both civil wars and race wars and mass starvation. The Balkanization of America is inevitably coming. The Southerners are tired of being held down by the North. And the Mexicans more and more want Texas and the Western USA.

There will also be the death of multiculturalism and races living together. Segregationism will begin to rise.

Americans; and everything they have lived and worked for, will become totally irrelevant. In 100 years, most people in Europe will be speaking Russian. But first they have to fight off the niggers breeding in Africa, and of course, put up borders in Europe.

All left-wingers of the Western world, will die off. Because quite simply, they are idiots, weaklings and breed less. Gays, feminists, abortionists, communists, anarchists, will all go out the window. Delusional, weak-minded, irrelevant people who hate life and do not strive to make it better. The low birth rate in Europe is good, for it gets rid of all these degenerate people, and their idiot descendants.

I hope you people enjoy Obama and Semites slowly destroying America. And you people won't even know why I'm writing this message, either! (They'll just cast me off as an uneducated redneck or a hick. Or a neo-nazi. The majority of you people are so delusional. It's funny.)

"All hail our new Russian Empire!" - Said the Aryan Europeans, post-American influence on the West.
by Kongamuse December 31, 2013
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