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Russian party cracker's, or RPC, is a game usually played at celibratory events.
To play Russian party cracker's, you need to get 2 standard issue confetti style poppers.
Tie the 2 trigger strings together, then challenge your friend or colleague to a game of Russian party cracker's.

Each contestant is to take the barrel of their popper and aim it at their face. Then on the count of three you pull your barrel or end, as you would with a traditional christmas cracker, and the victor is declared to be the one who's face is not covered in confetti.

Other variants include Spicy Russian party cracker's, in order to play this variant you need to load the barrel containg the confetti with hot sauce.
Ahhhhh daaaaammmnnn, I got done in the eye again whilst playing Russian party cracker's.
by JAMBALLZ September 21, 2011

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