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The brutal act, of being restrained, and having a set of vice grip pliers, clamped to ether testicle at the same time, as a form of torture. Performed by the KGB when exchange of information is absolutely necessary. This will often cause extreme pain, often popped testicles, and leave the victim unable to speak in low baritone voices.
Guy 2: "Dude, Poor Joe."
Guy 3: "What happened to him?"
Guy 2: "He got the Russian Nut Cracker..."

Guy 1: (In a really high voice)"Hi Guys!"
by Sangelo December 16, 2009
The act of placing your ball sack between your partners calf and thigh, then them crushing your ball sack inbetween their calf and thigh with extreme force. Pleasurable to masochists.
"Hey man, me and my girl did a Russian Nutcracker, gotta say that was ball bustin''."
by Ball Bustin Bob April 04, 2016
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