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Waking up after a night of drinking nothing but Vodka.
The party was fucking insane
Yeah it was good, woke up to a Russian morning though, I felt like shit.
by Iatehisliverwithsomefavabeans August 01, 2013
The act of getting up at three in the morning, putting the cereal of your choice in a bowl and pouring vodka and milk in it.
Eating it, and drinking the rest of the vodka, you get dressed drunk off your ass and go to work in the shittiest clothes you have with no coat in cold weather, and you come home after finding out it's Sunday.
Nikolai: Gah, man, I had a Russian Morning today, almost got ran over trying to go to work.
Dmitry: Dude.
It's Sunday at five in the morning.
by QuantumToaster October 08, 2014
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