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The act of farting under a blanket and voluntarily sticking their own head under it to admire their flatulence. Also known as, giving yourself a dutch oven.
Me: Dude, did you just give yourself a russian microwave?
You:Heck yes! And my russian microwave smelled amazing!
by HottieWitABodii69 January 28, 2011
11 2

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When you fart with a girl in your bed and keep her trapped under the sheets.
3:00AM- "Russian Microwave!!!"
by Ralph March 01, 2005
24 24
A Microwave made in Russia
I love my new Russian Microwave!
by BlGDADDY January 29, 2011
5 7
when you're taking a hot, steamy shower, and you fart and the stench of your gas lingers through the steam.
son of a bitch! here i am trying to wash myself and i trapped myself in a russian microwave!
by dominic b October 25, 2006
10 12