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Female is hung from the ceiling via rope, then is spun repeatedly until rope is tight. The male lays down under her and releases.

The object is for the female to be spinning on the males penis until satisfaction is reached.
Yo man! maa girl passed out last night we tied that bitch to a rope and Russian Corkscrewed! A twisted way to cum niggah! bitch be barfin
by craigboy94 August 07, 2011
I know the details; But I cannot tell you where the Russian part fits in, aside form russians are quite fucked up (usually, there are exceptions). OKies, When a chick takes shit from a guys ass (usually after giving a rim job), puts it all over his dick, they begin to fuck (her on top) and he spins her around on his penis. Some guys say they hate it, and some find it like their calling card. It varies by person.
-"I gave her the good Russian Corkscrew last night, but it was on a dare"
-"Yeah? Well I corkscrewed your mom one night and that's why you were born"
by SlacKtor (becca) May 02, 2006

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