Russet is a asshole that lives in a bin and is poor and his parents own a corner shop what a bastard
Omgosh what a gay boy and a poor twat hahaha russet
by Saad i September 18, 2007
A large foul smelling Jew who creeps on your business.

Russets are also known to try to identify other Jews, in an attempt to make friends (Idahos)
Oh my god! This room smells like russets!

That russet just asked if I was jewish!
by kayjak29 November 05, 2008
A gay sex postion. 4 men are needed. 1 volentary man gets 2 cocks shoved into him. One in the mouth and the other up the ass. The fourth man sucks the first mans cock; total pleasure...
Gay 1: Wow man that russet last night was fun!
Gay 2: My ass hurts real bad...
Gay 1: You do give good bj's though
Gay 2: Tonight im going to do the sucking
by russetbradbury November 14, 2007
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