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An april fools joke at urbandictionary.com
they did good, all they did was put hik words on the main page and change a few pictures, but it worked!
I went to urban dictionary and it looked like redneaks went and redid the place (somehow knowing how to use a computer)
by john carll April 01, 2004
A dictionary that showcases words of the countryside.
Pitch Fork

- Some examples of the Rural Dictionary's words.
by Bastardized Bottomburp August 27, 2003
UrbanDictionary.com on the 1st April 2004
Yee-haw! Cowboy on the banner!
by Mister Ignorant April 01, 2004
A site claimed to be for hillbilly and hicks defenitions.... but every1 knows their 2 poor 2 have a computer and to stupid to get onto this site even if they have a computer...
i recon ruraldictionary.com was founded by hitler after he was resurceted in 2003 may 3rd... and now this is his evil plot 2 take over the world
by Apugs April 01, 2004
RuralDictionary.com: New Name for UrbanDictionary.com. Don't know why
RuralDictionary.com=UrbanDictionary.com. RuralDictionary.com has a cowboy. RuralDictionary is a gay subsitute for UrbanDictionary.com
by stabani April 01, 2004