shortened version of hurry up. for the lazy people out there that don't use full words or the drunk who cannot string two words together, visit te puke for details.
what are you doing?
rup ah.
by rupahcunttptbitch December 05, 2008
Top Definition

Used in Call of Duty 4: Modern Warfare Promod, to people hit F for match start.
Rup, please!
Rup, press F -.-
by Taz51 April 22, 2011
A total catastrophe, specifically to do with plans or organised events etc. If something could have gone wrong, it probably did.
D'you see the on the news? A SWAT team tried to rescue the hostages and 20 of them died in the process, it was a real rup.
by AAAAARGHHH August 07, 2010
In Dutch a slang word for penis and for slow older men.
Rups is the Dutch word for caterpillar.
As slang word it usually comes with the adjective "oude" (i.e. old)
''Hey, oude rups, schiet eens op'' (Hey old caterpillar, speed it up)

by BaldwinNL January 26, 2009
Short for Indian currency 'Rupees'.
Harry: Hey, thats a cool T you've got
Shally: Thanks
Harry: looks expensive! how much did you got it for?
Shally: Real cheap. Just 300 rups
by Manzeet June 20, 2007
The best way of starting a conversation, better that the way of saying "Sup".
Rup Mariana hows your day going?:)
by Roach1er October 31, 2010
Short nickname for Ruplinger
Hey Rup, How's it goin today?
by Roostafari November 29, 2004
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