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When finishing a run, usually that of distance, it is common for a runner to cough. This may be due to a dry throat and dehydration. Gets it's name from "Smoker's cough" although they aren't usually related.
Person 1: *coughs*

Person 2: "You alright, Person 1?"

Person 1: "Yeah, I just have Runner's Cough."
by LAWLZATJ00 July 03, 2009

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the thick, dry cough you get when you talk loud or try to laugh, and you can't stop. this happens usually after running for a long and hard time. this usually happens to track or cross country runners.
"hey bill, how'd your race go?"
"Oh no you have runners cough. haha!"
"HA H- *cough* *cough*
by Chole Flemmington March 29, 2010