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Having such amazing haxor skillz that you can make your runescape characters actually rape other characters in the middle of a path, out in a forest, or taken to a place where there is a bed, while the only thing the can do about it is watch and maybe scream profanity at their computer screen. It gives it more effect if you are wearing a Santa suit.

The character being raped does not have to be a female, it can also be a male. And the runescape rapist can also be a female.

After the raping takes place, the raper, then automatically gets everything in the others bank and inventory, space is not an obstacle for them, because they have such amazing skills that they have already hacked the space limits.

The raped character, also has all of its clothes taken away, and it has to walk around naked until it can go to a clothes shop and but some. Which will be difficult because all of their money is gone.
Dude 1: hey i was playing runescape the other day and someone with mad skills took my character into the Blue Moon Lodge against my will and I had to watch as my character was Runescape Raped up the ass. There was nothing I could do!

Dude 2: Dude that sucks! Runescape Rape is horrible!

Dude 1: I know. My inventory was all empty, and then when i went to check my bank, everything was gone too. And on top of that, I WAS NAKED!! D=
#runescape #rapist #assrape #inventory #bank #48th base
by Mirany March 07, 2009
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