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Runescape fat is the amount of weight accumulated whilst playing (and in some cases even watching) Runescape The massive online adventure game by Jagex ltd.
Once Runescape fat is gained it can never be removed, weight-loss diets and regular exercise have been proven ineffective.
The Runescape Fat formula per Kg is: (‘RS’ hours {over} body Metabolism) X 3.14
Robbie- Hey Jake, have you seen Sam lately?
Jake- Yeah, he’s like a walking slab of lard
Robbie- No, it’s just Runescape fat
Jake- I don’t think he’s heart could take anymore Runescape.
Robbie- Anymore and he will end up in Lumbridge eh?
Jake- Faggots *Walks off*
by hcrismawson96 March 13, 2009

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