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A feeling you get when remembering and longing for the good old days before Runescape turned to shit. Runescape blues can last anywhere from a day to weeks on end. Runescape blues is usually experienced by a former runescape addict.
Guy One: Man, remember when Runescape was fun? We played together so much back in 2007 with the wildy and the old graphics.

Guy Two: Yeah dude. Did you hear about the old school Runescape servers? They brought the old game back so we can play it again!

Guy One: I tried those out for a couple weeks, but it's just not the same. Even if they bring back the old servers, the fun and excitement of the old game is something that can't ever be brought back.

Guy Two: I think you're just having a case of the Runescape Blues.
by ArcaneZaros June 30, 2013

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