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rune factory is an RPG farming/fighting/dating sim. it's popularity is growing more rapidly, especially sence the release of rune factory frontier. there are 3 games for ds, and one already released wii game, and one game that is not yet released called rune factory oceans. the characters on the rune factory games wears strange, and "complicated" looking clothes, but they are intresting. in all 3 of the ds games the protaginist (rf1: Raguna rf2: Kyle rf3: Mias) starts out with amnesia. your goals are to get stronger, farm, get married, and have kids (its optional in rf1, its not essentual to the plot)

in rune factory2 its essential to get married, in order to move on w/ the game, you build a school when the child is born, and then when Kyle remembers what he came to do and disapears, and you have to play as the son or daughter, and bring him back. in rf3 you have to marry in order to defeat the dragon that took your memory away
in the first game raguna nearly passes out outside of mist's house, and she gives him a hoe and a water pot.

in rf2 Kyle says he has just been wondering for days not knowing who he was, and wondered into the village of Alvarna to some cherry blossom trees, and and talks to a girl named Mana. her dad comes and he ends up working on the farm on the outskirts of town.

in rune factory 3 you are transformed into a wooly(he is half monster and half human) (a wooly is like a sheep) you pass out and a girl named shara finds you and brings him home, her grandfather doestnt like monsters either so he complains about the wooly. when he wakes up he transforms back to a human. she finds him as a human and her and wells (her grandfather) agree to let him live in the sharance tree (it has a house inside) and the fields beside/ under the branches of the sharabce tree.
by melygirl December 26, 2010
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