rune noun - based on the popular character from sega's phantasy star IV, this name is often chosen by a person unsurpassed by funkiness and awesomeness.

It is a better name than aven.
I wish I was Rune!
by Zeshin June 24, 2004
Top Definition
A video game that revolves around jumping around with giant axes and slashing heads. with bigass swords. Although this jumping sounds inane and repetitive, it cannot be denied that it is.
I played Rune for about twenty minutes yesterday before collapsing onto the floor, clutching my spasming hand, which has become demented and warped after years of repeated and unceasing rhythmic clicking.
by Albas February 24, 2005
Outwardly appearing as an incredible handsome and attractive Norwegian man, Rune is however also Keeper of the One Truth, Protector of Good Taste, Bearer of Profound Wisdom, Awesomeness Incarnate and Ayatollah of Rock'n'rolla.
Rune is the best to answer this question, his insight is unsurmountable and he always speaks the truth.

You should ask Rune for advice on architecture and interior design, no one is better than him.

Sound advice? I know of none better than Rune to provide this.

I inadvertently bumped into Rune the other day, he is so hot I suffered third degree burns.
by Runepus October 01, 2013
A real gent, very possible a Viking descendent, as you can tell from his masculine, uber hot body. Usually deadly attractive to women but he only has eyes for his wifey. A hilarious man, known to make sarcastic jokes about everything. Has great taste in fashion and music. AKA Mr. Alwaysright, because he is so intelligent. Is nice to everybody. Most wonderful human being on the surface of the planet.
girl 1 "Wow look at that Rune. Best guy ever!"
girl 2 "Ja I wish I have a hubby like Rune."
by loveywifey January 21, 2014
(singular form of)
An ancient divinationary tool that can be used on its own for readings or in conjunction with other magick practices.

Can be made of many materials including wood, stone, metal, shell etc.
which rune is that, eolh?
by SilverFalcon October 10, 2004
In Runescape an online multiplayer game;
i) the magical stones called 'runestones' but oftenly referred to as 'runes'
ii) A type of armour that is light blue/cyan and requires 40 defence to wear. Rune armour is better than leather, bronze, steel (level 5), black (level 10), mithril(level 20) and adamant (level 30.)
Yay! Lots of Runes!

I'm saving for Rune armour.
by Improfane January 12, 2005
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