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A term used to represent the speed and efficiency at which gossip travels. It draws to mind a train carrying rumours on it and depositing these rumours to everyone it passes.

If you find yourself in a situation where gossip is traveling fast, for example, a camp or a small high school, or you find out a news/gossip item that is fairly recent, you then say "Rumour Train!" noting that the piece of gossip is traveling at the speed of a train.

You may optionally say "Rumour Train, WOO WOO" afterwards to emulate the sound a train containing rumours would sound like.
Senior Camper 1: Did you hear Noah and Rachel are foolzing again?

Senior Camper 2: When did it happen?
Senior Camper 1: Last night!
Senior Camper 2: Rumour TRAIN! WOO WOO!

Staff member: I heard you and Miranda were making out at Chapel point after evening program.

Staff member: Rumour Train!
by AEPI Jedi May 25, 2010
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