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(Noun) A small bit of paper or the back of a shampoo bottle you find in the toilet when you realise that you are going to be there a while and there is nothing else to read.
I was so bored, the only thing left to read was the Rumlet!
by Fthaggua February 22, 2010
A scrap of paper or the back of a shampoo bottle or toothpaste tube, read in lieu of anything else while spending large unavoidable periods of time in the bathroom
"He realised he was going to be there for some time, and cast his eye around for something to read. Devoid of any form of comic strip art, he settled on a Rumlet describing the efficacy of certain south american herbs when attempting to instil a healthy shine in lacklustre hair."

"Death by boredom, narrowly averted by use of an opportune Rumlet"
by Violent Sidekick Alien Octopod February 22, 2010
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