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1. The middle eastern male who all most cases pretends to care about a female companion and then drops her as soon as he is done using her for sexual desires.

2. The middle easterner who blinds you of the one who you truely loves and ruins your chances of true happiness.

3. The guy you are going to regret dating; possible the guy who gets you pregnant with an unwanted child

4. The person who draws you into a meaningless relationship by giving you material things

1. I though he cared about me, especially the way Rumit showed me in bed but just left.

2. I was wrong to leave my last boyfriend for him and now i cant have him back.

3. At first he seemed special but later became a waste of my time.

4. He gave me flower, jewlery, and even let me use his car but that was about it...

5. He was sooo wrong for me!
by Lissete Darosa May 30, 2009
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