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Rumble in the Sack basically means to engage in the act of sexual intercourse. This can be with a man or woman. Rumbling in the Sack mainly means having sexual intercourse in a bed of sorts. This isn't a phrase used often as it is quite an old phrase. It is mainly used for classroom situations.
Holly: Hey Amber!

Amber: Oh, Holly! I haven't spoken to you in a while!
Holly: Yeah! I bet you were too busy having a Rumble in the Sack!

Amber: Yeah I was!
by llama llama girl 112 January 23, 2012
When you engage in the art of sexual intercourse with a boy or girl that you like. It isn't a modern saying, but it's a way of explaining what you mean without actually explaining what you mean. It is ideal for classroom situations.
Holly: Oh Amber I hear you Rumble in the Sack with Kane
Amber: Yes
by llamallamagirl January 09, 2012
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