This rule is also known as "The International Rule of Dibs". Used to claim any tangible object in question. The only way to counter this rule is to call "Next's".(see Rule 17)
Guy1:"Rule 11."
Guy2:"You can't call 'Dibs' its ours. We called for it!"
Guy1:"Yea I can. Rule 11. See, I just did again."
by Van113 October 24, 2008
Top Definition
If two friends of opposite gender are bored for over an hour, they must engage in sexual experimentation
Girl: God, there's nothing to do.
Guy: How long have we just been sitting here?
Girl: Over an hour.
Guy: Rule 11
by Johnny Postit November 15, 2008
Rule 11 applies if a word isn't defined yet in the Urban Dictionary.
Rule 11 wasn't defined yet when it was first searched for.
by Rule Searcher January 05, 2009
If one believes there is likely a mutual interest between themself and another individual, that other individual is either already in some form of a relationship with another individual or will soon be.
"I thought we were clicking, but then I saw her boyfriend."

"Rule 11, eh? Good luck next time."
by bugmore November 22, 2013
If it exists there is a slutty halloween costume of it
Woman: im going to be pooh beat for halloween what are you going to be?
Woman 2: slutty pooh bear, because everything has a slutty halloween costume its rule 11 didnt you know?
by Tinipenguin August 30, 2015
Watching Porn with your friends is gay.
Guy 1: Hey, I just got new copies of porn man. Wanna go watch it with me at my house?

Guy 2: Rule 11, man, rule 11.

Guy 1: I know.
by Rulemaler October 23, 2008
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