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Every video of Russia is always dreary on top, white on bottom and something smacks into something else. Occasionally if you're lucky you'll see something explode.
OP never said this was from Russia, because of Rule 99 we all just knew.
#russia #youtube #rule #video #99 #bleak #dreary #crash
by SubbyG February 17, 2013
No matter what you search for in Google Images, at least one result will be a porno
- I Googled Barney, and I'm getting some raw hardcore. WTF?

-Rule 99.
#porn #sex #illicit #dirty #nasty
by afjhsdljfhsoadfih October 08, 2010
A simple statement used to silence and alienate any boring or uninteresting story.
Gary: "So my brothers were playing socker and they..."
Victoria: "Rule 99..."
Gary: *silence*
#stfu #99 #insult #alienating #rule 99
by infected2321 March 27, 2010
No matter what you watch on YouTube, you always end up on ponies.
Friend 1: I was watching a video on YouTube about how to make a sandwich, and started following the related videos. Somehow how ended up on a video where a yellow pony said "I'm the world champ y'know." and squeaked.
Friend 2: Rule 99.
#rule 99 #my little pony #friendship is magic #ponies #meme #happy
by High Warlord Skar February 25, 2012
Rule 99 states simply, niggers before bitchs. That close friends (niggers) should me set before chasing after girls (Bitchs).
John : "Hey Jim, you coming to the club tonight"?
Jim : "Nah man, Shelly wants me to come to her place for some Netflix and chill."
John : " Bro, not cool. What happend to rule 99? Huh you gonna leave your niggers hanging for some bitch"?
by Jannie- April 26, 2016
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