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Rule 404 cannot be found.
Chuck: "Rule 404."
Larry: "Where?"
by SawronZXZ April 15, 2010
If it is on the internet, it has once been offline or shall be offline eventually.
Guy A: OMFG facepunch if done
Guy B: DAM YOU RULE 404!!
by Gikon October 27, 2007
A pornographic, antonymous pun on "Error 404". It suggests, much unlike Error 404, that if you can think of it, that there is porn for it.
Person 1: Dude, wtf. Why would you even think of a santa-midget toe-fucking a hippo with his tounge?

Person 2: I didn't think of it... it already exists; Rule 404.
by its been emotional October 09, 2011

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