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Nonsensical, uncited, or otherwise incomplete arguments may be immediately recognized as trolls if the first party immediately responds with "Fucking Google It" when further explanation is requested. It can safely be assumed the first party doesn't know what they're talking about and Rule 14 may be invoked.
P1: Can someone explain to me, without sensationalism, why this bailout is bad for America?

P2: Try going into a convenient store with the money from your monopoly set. Does it work? No. Now, pretend China is the convenient store.

P1: I'm not following your analogy. China actually does take our money. And how does that explain the bailout?

P2: Google it.

P1: Ah. Rule 13. That's what I thought...
by tehInterweb October 08, 2008
In situations in which a temporary set of rules are necessary, Rule 13 shall always be "No one shall say bad things about another person". In addition to establishing a standard level of civility, it also forces the situation to have a minimum level of structure by requiring at least 12 other rules be created.
Person A: "You're such a tool, Person B."

Person B: "Hey, Rule 13, jackass!"

Person M: "Rule 13 times two..."
by T. S. Hogdahl II September 28, 2009
IF its Digital Its free.
There a lot of music that is Rule13
by LW-13 June 15, 2011
Absolutely no n00bing
Yeah, he had a wide open lay-up which would've won the game, but he missed it. He was breaking rule 13 all over the gymnasium.
by M.Q. Ross August 14, 2011
Ignore all fears from and referring to the number thirteen.
"Hey, there are thirteen steps on this staircase, you think we should be up here?

"Rule 13"

by ReflectionBasin October 19, 2008
People on the internets need to inform someone when they are doing it wrong. This is the polite way of saying they fail.
Guy 1:I posted OVER 354 posts in one day!

Guy 2: Rule 13.

by LastRaven January 17, 2009
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