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An Asian kid that is well collected, calm and smart, but does extreme stunts.
Man 1:I pushed that Rui kid over, and he just got up and laughed at me
Man 2:He's pissing on ur car now, bro
by fockdapolize April 26, 2012
means the love of poetry in japanese
i love Rui
by Col.Sanders October 22, 2003
Is Mandarin for the Meaning lucky / auspicious / propitious / rayl (acoustical unit)
nǐ shì hǎo Ruì
you are very lucky
by Maiya Kato May 08, 2009
Riding Under the Influence. When you are "operating" a bicycle/ scooter/ skateboard while on drugs or alcohol. This is actually illegal in many US states.
I tried to avoid drinking and driving by riding a bicycle to the bar, but then I got busted for RUI by this asshole cop.
by Al February 19, 2005
Rolling Under the Influence. When someone who usually rolls good blunts rolls a shitty blunt because they are just too fucked up to roll a good one.
"Fuck man, I'm way too high to be rollin this. I might get an R.U.I."
by Stoopidlungs November 03, 2009
Another term for an overlord
Hey Rui!
Hey Rui, That Program is FUCKED!
by Leeman March 11, 2004
A pedophilic asian with average eyes. Power-hungry to compensate. If you are under the age of 18 beware...
Ruis I are do my job! Go talk to that little kid or something.
by The Improbable Viking August 30, 2010