Is Mandarin for the Meaning lucky / auspicious / propitious / rayl (acoustical unit)
nǐ shì hǎo Ruì
you are very lucky
by Maiya Kato May 08, 2009
Top Definition
means the love of poetry in japanese
i love Rui
by Col.Sanders October 22, 2003
Rolling Under the Influence. When someone who usually rolls good blunts rolls a shitty blunt because they are just too fucked up to roll a good one.
"Fuck man, I'm way too high to be rollin this. I might get an R.U.I."
by Stoopidlungs November 03, 2009
Riding Under the Influence. When you are "operating" a bicycle/ scooter/ skateboard while on drugs or alcohol. This is actually illegal in many US states.
I tried to avoid drinking and driving by riding a bicycle to the bar, but then I got busted for RUI by this asshole cop.
by Al February 19, 2005
Another term for an overlord
Hey Rui!
Hey Rui, That Program is FUCKED!
by Leeman March 11, 2004
A pedophilic asian with average eyes. Power-hungry to compensate. If you are under the age of 18 beware...
Ruis I are do my job! Go talk to that little kid or something.
by The Improbable Viking August 30, 2010
An Asian kid that is well collected, calm and smart, but does extreme stunts.
Man 1:I pushed that Rui kid over, and he just got up and laughed at me
Man 2:He's pissing on ur car now, bro
by fockdapolize April 26, 2012
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