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The BEST attacking midfielder Benfica and Portugal ever produced. The fans often refer to him as "Maestro", due to his ability to orchestrate lethal attacks from the midfield.
He is known for his ability to provide lethal and accurate passes at any given moment, and envision the game like so few can, have made him a player that fans around the world have marvelled at. His talent did not go unnoticed, and as a result he was named by Pelé one of the the 125 greatest living football players.
He is also known for his undying love for Benfica. This was demonstrated when he scored a goal against Benfica and instead of celebrating he cried like baby after birth. Something that other portuguese players who have faced their so called home team didn't do, in fact they celebrated like Hell.
He is without doubt a paragon amongst footballers
Rui Costa: Batistuta amorteceu pra mim

Eu rematei e golo.
Foi pior golo da minha vida.
It was the worst goal i've ever scored
by ZHN May 01, 2008
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