What arseholes call American Football when most haven't played it or realised how hard it is to play. In American Football the pads are a weapon and your body is a missile unlike in rugby where you tackle the legs to avoid the "scwary guy wunning at me"
Rugby Dude: American football is Rugby for Girls
American Football Dude: Both sports are hard but mine is slightly harder but hey I don't care
Rugby Dude: I am away to watch rugby league (which has as many viewers as Big Brother)
American Football Dude: Cool, I am away to watch the Superbowl (the most expensive trophy and with 100 million viewers worldwide)
by ScottishAmericanFootballPlayer October 04, 2008
Top Definition
A different name for American Football. Helps solve the confusion between "Soccer" and "Football".
American: "Hey let's play football!"

Englishman/Brazilian/Frenchman/Japanese or someone else who isn't American: "No, we're playing football."

American: "No that's soccer!"

Englishman/Brazilian/Frenchman/Japanese or someone else who isn't American: "No, this is football, you're playing Rugby For Girls."

by Phantom Definition Writer November 22, 2005
Rugby For Girls- A great way for girls to make friends. they are not dykes, we are genuine people who like a sport that doesnt include high heels and tons of money...
Rich Girl- hey my daddy is getting us a limo to london and 2 grand u want to come
Rugby Girl- na i'm going up the park to play rugby
Rich Girl- Rugby for girls
Rugby Girl- well ye its gr8
Rich girl- whateva

2 days later

Rugby lad 1 - u see that blonde girl in the limo?
Rugby lad 2- ye she looked plastic but did ya see that girl up the park playing rugby
Rugby Lad 1- ye she was a rite laf got a good personality i would like to get to know her
Rugby lad 2- ye me too she mite be down there later... hopefully
by Tiny Tina number 9 April 17, 2007
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