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Superiority, Über, Greatness, Holy, infinity are just the Tip of the iceberg of words to describe Ruelcool.

The word “Ruelcool” adapted from the German word Rülcool only spoken to those with superior power and royalty.

Origination of the word go far back into the birth of Christ, God couldn’t decided to name his son Jesus or Rülcool, instead decided to keep the word sacred and hidden from society for greater use.

The word Ruelcool has many different meaning but its over all meaning is superiority and shall remain the most elite word in the universe.
Matt: hey did you see that :O.
Chris: yep it was Ruelcool.

Chris: OMG have you ever seen something so Uber cool in your life.
Matt: Dude it was so Ruelcool!
by Chris aka Ruelcool June 25, 2005
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