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Rueil-Malmaison (zip code 92500) is statistically Europe's toughest and most dangerous city. Located in Paris western suburbs (Hauts-de-Seine, 92), this 80000+ inhabitants slum consist mostly of crime-ridden projects, long-abandoned factories and deserted offices.
The name of the city is unfortunately synonymous to nothing but gang-banging, drive-by shootings, random brutal assaults, drug and weapon traficking, skyhigh unemployment, urban decay and all other types of ill shit.
"Ya better check yaself before ya wreck yaself punk ass mothafukka. Ya see, Im da wrong n**** to f*** wit"
"And why iz that so, yo ?"
"Coz Im straight outta Rueil-Malmaison"
"Yo bro, where ya goin' to ?"
"Im goin' on a business trip to Rueil-Malmaison, ya know what Im sayin' ?"
"Yo, ya crazy man. The minute you get there, ya best protect ya neck and watch ya back or you'll get your ass smocked"
by 6-REAL May 24, 2008
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