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Rudolph the 5 legged reindeer is a parody of Rudolph the Reindeer, a stop motion animation, done by Most Offensive Videos on the Internet several years back, around 2005. The parody spoofs a similar animated flick, but here it's the most disgusting version ever. Instead of as glowing nose, Rudolph is born with a 'big hose you might even say grows', a package so big the other reindeer are jealous, and kick him out of Kwanzaa town before Fanta Claus can get his Mercedes Benz pulled. On the way to exile, Rudolph encounters Himey the wanna rabbi, Cornelius the Jew and the Abominable Clansman of the South among others, and makes it to the land of Misfit Reject 80s Toys. And he uses his magnificent claymation dick a lot. Banned on most net sites. Funniest spoof of that old stop motion toon ever.
Daisy: Did you see Rudolph the 5 legged reindeer last night?
Jill: I did. That was the most sexist horribly masochistic thing ever, and I liked it.

Daisy: How about when Fanta Claus let one past the field goal?
Jill: Genius. Sick as fuck.
by reindeergamsferrt June 19, 2011
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