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Describes the unpleasant physiological effects following long, heavy, often clothed, make-out sessions. The most commonly reported characteristics of a rubover include over-sensitive areas of the genitals due to constant rubbing of these areas the previous night. The areas often feel somewhat raw and are far more sensitive than usual. Many have difficulty walking due to the rubbing of clothing and therefore exhibit relatively silly walking styles in order to avoid said rubbing. In addition to the physical symptoms, a rubover may also induce symptoms including heightened feelings of depression and anxiety.

Also see rubover (clitoral)
Rachel: Hey Andy, how come you're walking so funny?
Andy: I was making out with this girl last night for like four hours and she gave me a massive rubover dude.

Nick: Zack, why are you wearing gym shorts to work this morning?
Zack: I have a pretty severe rubover and can't have my jeans scraping on it all day.
by Mr. Base October 03, 2010
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