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An individual that may have balls but is unable to use them as they are redundant, or duds.
"Hey, watch where you're going"
"and what are you gonna do about it, Rubbernuts!?"
by Tom Niessen April 24, 2006
When your nuts rub together while you walk because you have huge holes in your underwear.
Person 1 :Holy shit that guy must be a fag, look at the way hes walking

Person 2 : Nah dude hes got a case of rubber-nuts, you can hear them squeaking too
by bennycnz March 30, 2010
When you hit your nut off of someone's head while they're sleeping.
Friend1: Did you see last night when i gave jim a rubber nut?
Friend2: Yeah!
by xFreedomx May 28, 2008
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