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Originally begun in the deep Bronx, New York. Not just a statement, but a way of life. A singular statement which relies on multiple synonmys in order to create a message of thug nature and a gangbanging mentality. Created by the notorious gangster Big Tony a.k.a. Big Dub Tony Maroni.
Chilin in the club, rockin that all black snub, girl trippin cause i just smoked a dub of that indo grub, she hollas don p i yell rub a dub dub. This bub walks up with a wack ass elbow knub, he aks to smoke a shurb. I go listen bub, you wanna take this to the pub, what, you wanna go down periscope to the sub. Youz looks like a baby cub, while I got mad stub on face grub, peace bub.
by Dubset September 04, 2004
n., a frotteur. v., the act of frottage.
"Jimmy did a rub-a-dub on the subway. Grossed me out."

"When I saw him 'accidentally' bumping into Ashley, I knew my stepdad was a rub-a-dub pig asshole."
by OffMyMeds November 08, 2005
cockney rhyming slang meaning 'pub'.
"let's go down the rub-a-dub for a pint of cold pig's ear."
by The Doctor October 21, 2004
Rubbing alcohol. Contains mostly isopropyl alcohol and water. Consumed by those who can't buy ethyl alcohol instead. Highly toxic, not recommended for consumption.
That rub-a-dub's good shit!
by asgijidsga October 20, 2006
The act of where a female dry fucks a man with a 2-inch peen.
The stripper said to me, "Damn, that guy's short. I hate rub-a-dubs. But it's whatever pays the bills."
by Martin Goya March 24, 2006