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One crazy ass mothafucker. Survived 7 lightning strikes, then eventually commited suicide. Hey, I don't blame him...if God hated me that much, I'd kill myself too.

1942: Sullivan was hit for the first time when he was in a fire lookout tower. The lightning bolt struck him in a leg and he lost a nail on his big toe.
1969: The second bolt hit him in his truck when he was driving on a mountain road. It knocked him unconscious and burned his eyebrows.
1970: The third strike burned his left shoulder while in his front yard.
1972: The next hit happened in a ranger station. The strike set his hair on fire. After that, he began to carry a pitcher of water with him. He also started to believe that some higher power was trying to kill him, according to a 1989 St. Petersburg Times article.
August 7, 1973: A lightning bolt hit Sullivan on the head, blasted him out of his car, and again set his hair on fire
June 5, 1974: Sullivan was struck by the sixth bolt in a campground, injuring his ankle. It was reported that he saw a cloud, thought that it was following him, tried to run away, but was still struck.
June 25, 1977: The seventh and final lightning bolt hit him when he was fishing. Sullivan was hospitalized for burns in his chest and stomach.
The chances of being hit seven times by lightning in your life are about 1 in 16 septillion.

Roy Sullivan: GOD DAMN IT, not again..
God: I heard that, see you next year ;)
by Bun B THE OG September 01, 2007
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