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The most Canadian-beer-drinkinist, acid-washed-jeans-wearinist, hockey-hair-havinist tub of action this side of Quebec!
-Troy, in the most classic line if all cinema history
by Mattersy January 09, 2004
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A fat, hairy, mustachioed, bearded, drunk, furry, ugly, and extremely unappealing Canadian, often found pouring liquer into his truck in order to make it start. Often accompanied by a small, giddy creature named Troy McGreggor, whom he shares a simple barter aggrement in which Troy washes Rosdowers mulleted, curly, hockey hair and cuts his crusty, green and yellow, fungusy toenails, and exchange Rowsdower takes him on tours throughout rural Canadian where Troy and he attempt to find treasures, and occassionally pick fights with local cultists, who once ruled this land, well, one acre for about a week, nobody really knew.

From: Ex-Treasurer of the Ziox cult (retired for health reasons.)
Hey its that crazy fuck Rowsdower, why the hell are we in Canada anyway???
by Jim Steele June 04, 2003
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The Canadian equivalent of Joe Don Baker.
Rowsdower and Joe Don Baker were seperated at birth and sent to neighboring countries.
by Dan February 07, 2004
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Abuse induced anal prolapse in an extreme state of swell. Caused by repeated anal fisting, huge toy use, or relentless donkey dick ass pounding followed by bearing down to intentionally push the rectum inside out. The result is a rosebud so swollen it resembles a large peeled beefsteak tomato. Named in homage to Zap Rowsdower, the greatest Canadian hero, due to their similar level of physical appeal.
I was on chat roulette and watched this chick pull a two liter from her bum and pop out a Rowsdower the size of a grapefruit.
by muppet pelt October 30, 2011
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cousin to the infamous (on the US east coast) virginnyun who spends his weekends drinking away their paychecks, or having babies, depending on their sex.
yeah, that hick kid dan's cousin came down from BC...what a fucking rowsdower!
by Anonymous February 06, 2003
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